We are design orientated.

We build on architecture,
interior project,
and art installation.

Design & Build is the FUTURE solution

LCYDESIGN provides seamless solution to facilitate our clients’ projects. Design & Build as a solution which minimizes potential issues commonly found in traditional projects, such as over-consuming of time and costs, overlapping of design and construction processes, and many other foreseeable and non-foreseeable risks.

LCYDESIGN as one team
with expertise

Integrated and Collaborated across multiple design disciplines and project management professionals, LCYDESIGN possess expertise on both architecture and construction. We all share the same goal – working closely together on a project from sketch to product, and striving and exceeding excellence of the project . Such continuity adds an inherent efficiency to Design & Build, which refines a system from start to finish and manages the chaos normally encountered in traditional build projects into organized steps. We are involved in and accountable for everything – from the design details to overall costs and completion timeline.

Single contract
and communication path

Design & Build as a solution allows one-take contract therefore creates convenient and effective communication paths. Throughout the project process, integration between design, construction engineering, and construction team members will guarantee our communication efficiencies. LCYDESIGN values customization that we endeavor to meet our clients’ needs by inviting them to get involved with considering feasible options and making decisions at design stage.

Time is the KEY

Design & Build involves advanced scheduling in the design phase and managing hundreds of timelines. Time is utmost priority for us as it is the key of success. Our team works to avoid falling behind the schedule to ensure a more efficient, time-saving and cost-effective result. Our early involvement enables construction engineering considerations to be incorporated into the design phase and enhances the constructability of the engineered project plans. LCYDESIGN carries fast-tracking of the design and construct process of the project, with overlapping of design and construction phases and eliminates the separate construction contractor bid phase following the completion of the design phase.

Budget and Cost Control

Under Design & Build process, budget and cost of the whole project is considered on the early stage of the process. Change and extra cost will be significantly controlled to avoid unnecessary conflicts and disputes. LCYDESIGN reduces construction engineering costs to the contracting agency when these quality control activities and risks are transferred to the design-builder. Potential claims and litigation after project completion will also be reduced as issues are resolved by the members of the design-build team. The project timeline will be shortened due to the reduced levels of commitment and faster decision making process.

Sophisticated components

Design & Build creates multi-disciplinary integration throughout a more intelligent process. LCYDESIGN invites expertise from a wide range of industries to involve in our projects on the early design stage. LCYDESIGN is expert in applying steel, concrete, wood, glasses, as well as the fabrication of components from these materials to build complex buildings that suitable for multiple purpose of use. We demonstrate seamless transfer of three-dimensional geometric information to analysis programs that allow our designers to iteratively refine the geometry of components while ensuring that structural and environmental performance requirements are met. Our projects can be more complicated than ever before, the possibilities can be endless and exciting.